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5 Essential Pieces to Making Your Business More Money Online

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Custom designs. Copy that converts. Lightning fast turnaround time.

Your website has the potential to be the most cost effective employee you hire. Done right (and I'll show you how to do these things right!), your website will work while you're asleep or otherwise away from your computer. It'll convince people -- not everyone, but the people you want to attract -- that they can trust you with their email address and ultimately their time, energy, and money.

It all starts with a website.


Beautiful, custom websites designed for conversion launched in five days.

our 3-step process

How we work:


Answer a few simple questions

We'll talk (on the phone or via Zoom) about what you're looking for in your next website, then we'll send you a follow-up form for you to brainstorm on your own time.


Iron out the technical details

In step two, we'll work behind the scenes to produce a website that looks and feels the way you want it to. We'll install plugins and a theme, and make sure you have a website that won't let you down.


Deliver + launch

After just five days (really!), we'll show you what we've worked on, go over any small tweaks you have, and launch your site.

Here's what's included:

10 ways to promote your paid content (even when you don't want to!)

- 01. Custom design

Your website will stand out from the crowd.

- 02. Easily editable

If you need to make small changes after the website is done, we'll show you how easy those changes are to make yourself.

- 03. Mobile responsive

You can rest assured your site will look great on any device, large or small.


Here are some recent examples of our work:

young architect conference thumbnail

young architect conference

a conference for up-and-coming architects in Portland, Oregon.

pharmapreneur thumbnail

pharmapreneur academy

a membership site for pharmacists who want to expand their practices.

kayla sloan thumbnail

kayla sloan

a website for aspiring virtual assistants who want to take their income to the next level.

unos car wash thumbnail

uno's car wash

a website for a car wash in Concord, NH.

clever girl finance thumbnail

clever girl finanace

a membership site for women who want to take control of their money.



  • -Installation of plugins
  • -Formatting of copy and graphics for eight pages
  • -Three mobile responsive templates: home page, page template, blog area
  • -Two menu bars with custom fonts and colors that will be used throughout the site


  • -High-converting lead generator
  • -Email sequences
  • -Long-form sales page
  • -Text-based logo + style guide
  • -Calls-to-action
  • -Installation of plugins
  • -Formatting of copy and graphics for eight pages
  • -Three mobile responsive templates: home page, page template, blog area
  • -Two menu bars with custom fonts and colors that will be used throughout the site

Who are we?

bw Kathleen giant face

Hi, I'm Kathleen.

Everything I've ever done has led me back to marketing. I started a marketing company during the recession, but let that go when I found gainful employment. I've been working online since 2011, and have been honing my marketing systems to make the brands I've worked with make more money online.

Now, it's your turn. Let me help you make your brand more profitable.

Other services we provide:


We've been building lead generators for clients that have captured thousands of email addresses. Let us help you.


Writing a winning email sequence is all about getting your audience to like and trust you. Because we still buy from people we know, like, and trust.


Your product or service, while amazing, probably isn't going to sell itself. That's what a sales page is for -- to convince people that they need to buy the solution you're selling.


Calls-to-action are pieces that connect your website to your lead generators. They'll get more email addresses into your system.


Some love from our clients.

Bola Sokunbi
Clever Girl Finance
Bola Sokunbi

“Kathleen was incredible. I reached out to her last minute to help create a landing page and email sequence for the holiday season and not only did she turn it around in record time, it was extremely well thought out and beautifully executed. I am so pleased with the results (160 new sign-ups over the holiday weekend!) and excited to put it all to work!”