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how to write a sales page that converts

Create a sales page that converts in just 15 minutes

Your sales page is the thing that will convince your audience that they're in the right place and that what you're selling solves a pain point or fulfills a desire.

It won't appeal to everyone, and that's okay.

In fact, that's the point.

We've written dozens of sales pages, and we've found there are some essential elements to EVERY sales page we create.

That's why we've created this fill-in-the-blank sales page template for you.

Simply answer the questions, as best as you can, and you'll get a first-draft sales page in just 15 minutes.


Your sales page should address:

  • Your audience

    How do they identify themselves?

  • Their pain points

    Specifically, the ones you can solve

  • Their desires

    What do they want?

  • A bit about you

    Specifically, the part of your background that relates to what you're selling

  • Your promise

    What kind of results are you promising?

...and more!

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